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VentAir Technologies Inc.


The Sky’s the Limit: VentAir Technologies Inc. Introduces Groundbreaking Wind Energy Innovation

Raleigh, North Carolina – June 23, 2014 – Local start-up company VentAir Technologies Inc. (VAT) has announced an exciting breakthrough in the field of wind energy. The company’s patent-pending VAST 6™ system is designed to be substantially more efficient than current systems in the same field and doesn’t have the drawbacks associated with turbine-based wind farms.

VentAir Technologies is leading the clean energy market with their innovative VAST 6™ system and their different way of thinking regarding wind energy using kites and airfoils.

Founder / CEO Edmund Villarreal says that VentAir Technologies has “broken through the glass ceiling” that present line and tether kites, airfoils, and balloon turbines systems have hit.

“We have finally figured out how to efficiently produce more clean energy, electricity, and power than other similar systems in the same market,” says Villarreal.

When talking about wind energy using kites and airfoils, most experts in the industry will agree that three factors are crucial: control, tracking, and altitude. These three factors played an important role in the engineering and design of the VAST 6™ system.

“Our control and tracking system is definitely going to raise a lot of eyebrows” says Villarreal. “And the altitudes in which our system will be working in will surprise a lot of people.” Villarreal continues, “We were able to figure out and solve the control and tracking issue by implementing a unique strategy. And in turn, we were able to zero-in on the most efficient altitude to produce the maximum amount of power possible.”

“Our system is definitely more efficient than any other system in this market” say Jeffrey Sgroi, an engineer by trade, and part owner of VentAir Technologies.

The VAST 6™ system was carefully designed to have a small footprint on ground and in air. It harmonizes well with the environment making it environmentally friendly, and it uses a state of the art electronics and navigational system which will keep it on track and running efficiently. The system will be able to supply clean energy, electricity, and power both in the U.S. and internationally and can be used for both residential and power grid application.

In addition to its use in the domestic marketplace, the VAST 6™ system is also set to revolutionize the way in which power is developed in remote areas around the globe, including third world countries, refugee camps, and off grid military bases. It’s an innovation that will empower the move away from dependence on fossil fuels and towards a new era of clean energy abundance and security.

VentAir Technologies is currently seeking first round of Venture Capitalists and Investors and hopes to raise $5,000,000 to start production on its VAST 6™ prototype. “I am confident we can have a working prototype up and running and producing energy in less than 12 months,” said Villarreal.



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